Together We Inspire!

This Giving Tuesday Now, get inspired by the joy of music! During these challenging times, thanks to your support, OrKidstra is finding innovative and creative ways to continue empowering kids and building community through music!

Through the newly-launched OrKidstra @ Home program, an innovative music education approach which combines creativity with technology, we are providing kids from under-served areas of Ottawa with free access to musical instruments, online music lessons, practice challenges, virtual hangouts and activities, sing/play-along videos, livestream performances and more. Get inspired by watching the OrKidstra @ Home video below!

On behalf of our grateful children at OrKidstra, and the adults they will become, thank you so much for joining us in building a brighter and more harmonious future this #GivingTuesdayNow.



“Now more than ever, we want to give our OrKidstra students that sense of connection and continue building our community through music. I’m so proud that the OrKidstra team has created such an engaging plan to bring music education home for our students and beyond with OrKidstra @ Home! And our students are excited: there has been incredible success connecting through this new approach and this is only the first week! During this time of physical distancing, we’re grateful for our community’s continued engagement as we find innovative, virtual ways to help empower kids and build community through music.” – CEO & Artistic Director Tina Fedeski, MSM