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Your contribution will make a valuable impact on Ottawa’s youth.

You can give kids from under-served Ottawa communities the opportunity to learn vital life lessons such as responsibility, teamwork, respect and compassion through making music together.

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Your gift will help a child from an under-served Ottawa area reach for success through music! 

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Donations of musical instruments enable OrKidstra to give at-risk youth the wonderful gift of music! 

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You can make a sustained impact on future generations by making a Legacy Gift to OrKidstra.

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Donate a Car Canada accepts vehicle donations which benefit OrKidstra. 

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We’ve got lots of wonderful ideas to get you partying with a purpose like a pro!

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SponsorsBe recognized for building community

Be recognized for making a positive impact on the community! You can empower kids and build community and reach your community involvement goals by aligning yourself with OrKidstra. We celebrate both local and national businesses that have stepped up, on behalf of OrKidstra, to share their corporate social responsibility.

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Invest for Good

When you know that 100% of OrKidstra graduates finish high school and go on to post-secondary education, you truly know that your support is making a difference.

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When you partner with OrKidstra, you empower local youth from under-served communities to reach for success through the proven benefits of music education.

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OrKidstra is the best part of my day and the place that I can really be myself…

When Shan was two, she escaped on foot from Eritrea to Sudan with her mom. It was a big transition coming to Ottawa, but now OrKidstra is the best part of her day!

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OrKidstra is the best part of my day and the place that I can really be myself…

“I was born in Eritrea [a country on the horn of Africa]. When I was two, we escaped to Sudan on foot because there was a lot of violence and fighting in Eritrea and it wasn’t safe anymore. My mom wanted a better future for me. My Dad’s Uncle (I call him Grandpa) helped my mom, my dad, my little brother and me come to Canada in October 2011 when I was six. We speak the language Bilen at home and before I came to Canada, I didn’t speak any English except for knowing a few words like ‘crayon’ or ‘paper.’ It was a big transition coming here, but I really like being in Ottawa now.”

Shan’s father Melake says “I didn’t really know what OrKidstra was at first, but when I came to the Bronson Centre [Centretown Hub] I saw the kids performing music and I was very inspired by that. Shan really likes it at OrKidstra. She doesn’t want to spend any time away from the program! She’s a little bit shy sometimes, but she loves the music and that helps her make friends here. OrKidstra is really good for my family and for the community.”

Shan feels very at home at OrKidstra. She says “I can really be myself at OrKidstra. Here, I can have fun and be with my friends, but at the same time, I am learning. OrKidstra makes learning music fun! I learn many life skills at OrKidstra: I’ve learned to be enthusiastic, to be caring and to work well as part of a team. I learn both music and life lessons from my teachers like Mr. Gareth. I love playing the cello and music really helps me express my feelings. Whenever I get angry or frustrated I pull out my cello and I play all my emotions! OrKidstra is my home away from home.”

Shan and her family are very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of OrKidstra… “I want to say thank you everyone who helps support OrKidstra,” says Shan. “You have really made a difference in my life. By supporting OrKidstra, you are helping me. When I grow up, I would like to be a biochemist; I also want to continue being a musician for the rest of my life. OrKidstra is the best part of my day and the place that I can really be myself. Thank you!” Shan’s father Melake says, “The program will help my children go further in their lives. Thank you very much for this opportunity.” – Shan, OrKidstra student, age 12 – KidStringers (cello) and KidSingers

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DonorsOur donors are our family

We are extremely grateful to all our OrKidstra supporters and donors for playing their part. Our donors make it possible for kids from under-served Ottawa communities to learn and make music together helping them gain crucial life skills like responsibility, teamwork, respect and compassion. We couldn’t do this without you!

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Foundation & Public Funders

Foundation & Public Donors are an important part of the OrKidstra family.

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Individual Donors

We’re so grateful to OrKidstra’s amazing individual donors for helping kids reach for success through music! 

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Legacy Donors

Visionary Legacy Donors create a brighter future for the children of our community. 

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Instrument Donors

Thank you for giving youth from under-served Ottawa areas the tools they need to learn important life skills.

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VolunteerMake a difference in the life of a child

By volunteering your time and talents, you can help OrKidstra students find their voice through music. OrKidstra volunteers play a vital role in building a strong community by helping students develop their citizenship and musicianship at OrKidstra’s free programs.

Volunteers help with all aspects of OrKidstra including programming, events and governance. By volunteering your time, you are making a real difference in the life of a child!

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Our OrKidstra Volunteers

We have many wonderful volunteers who donate their time and talents to help make OrKidstra possible!

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Become a Volunteer

OrKidstra has a number of different opportunities for volunteers and we’d love to hear from you!

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Volunteering provides me confidence in my own values. Giving back creates a strong and non-materialistic bond with other community members.

Salim Charabati

OrKidstra Board Member and new Canadian

Community PartnersStronger together

OrKidstra works with its valued network of community partners to build a stronger community for all. Community partners play an essential role in addressing the needs of children and youth in under-served areas of Ottawa: OrKidstra is very grateful to all its partners in the community for helping to empower kids through music.

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Our Partners

OrKidstra works collaboratively with many different Ottawa-based, community-minded organizations. Learn more about the wonderful organizations that partner with OrKidstra.

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Do you believe in building strong community? Are you excited about empowering kids through the transformative power of music? Your organization might be a good fit to collaborate with OrKidstra!

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