Pedagogy & Repertoire


Our teachers are committed to creating and writing new, relevant music to suit Canada’s diverse youth. We will do this by providing music that will resonate with different cultures, as well as excite and challenge the children as they begin to play and make music together. Our program will incorporate music from all traditions including, classical, jazz, blues, folk, gospel and world music – and, of course, Canadian music.


The pedagogy behind OrKidstra has been developed side by side with the development of the program itself.  Each year, the children grow in musicianship and citizenship and the pedagogy needs to grow with it.  From arranging music, to commissioning new Canadian compositions to suit our multi-levelled OrKidstra, to choosing music that the kids will love (and incorporating their suggestions and pieces that motivate them!), the teachers and artistic leadership is constantly being creative and flexible to the levels and needs of the children in the program.

Being primarily a social program through music, the OrKidstra pedagogy needed a wider lens and a new approach to make this program successful for many children; from beginner to advanced, from ages 5-18, and from modest to exceptional musical talent abilities.  The success of our children and the OrKidstra program lies in the beautiful combination of musicianship and citizenship that is now incorporated into the OrKidstra Student Guided Self-Assessment.  Take a few minutes to read through this sheet and self-reflect on the various questions that we now ask the children to think about and move towards.  This is the heart of the OrKidstra Program and one of the reasons that we have exceptional young people driving the program with their passion and motivation!