Sostenuto Donors

Sostenuto [sustaining notes]

Through their generosity, Sostenuto donors will help future generations of children have the opportunity to learn and play music together and to benefit from the many community skills inherent in music-making – while gaining access to financial benefits for themselves or for their estate.


The following individuals have pledged a Legacy Gift to OrKidstra. We thank them—very much in advance—for their foresight and generosity.

Chloë McLellan – “Because access to the arts and culture for all leads to knowing ourselves, learning to be ourselves and learning to live together.”

Sylvia Gazsi Gill – “Because the future belongs to those who have learned cooperation, hard work, listening, and leading  – all gained through OrKidstra.”

Claire Marshall – “To encourage harmony across cultures.”

Tina Fedeski – “Because singing and playing together teaches all of us how to form a community out of diverse parts and how to create something bigger and more beautiful than our individual selves.”

Ian Prattis and Carolyn Hill – “We are observing and participating in a social revolution through the multiculturism the children of OrKidstra create on the path of becoming first-rate citizens.”


We are very grateful to the individuals and families who have become Sostenuto donors through In Memoriam donations.

In Memoriam: Harry Elton, 1930-2004 – Longstanding host of CBC’s “Mostly Music,” who learned at his mother’s side the value of bringing music into the life of inner-city students, providing life-changing opportunities to learn, perform and excel. Elizabeth Elton (for Claire Elton, Kathryn Elton, Christine Elton and Victoria (Elton) Green

In Memoriam: Peter Henry Dawson, 1937-2015 – “Because music education challenges the mind and nourishes the spirit; it opens the door to a better future.”

In Memoriam: Anne Taylor, 1945-2014 – “Because music creates community and is one of the most enduring gifts we can give to children.”

In Memoriam: Alan Salvin, 1954-2016 – “Because he loved to share music—and his smile—with others.”

For more information on Legacy Gifts and In Memoriam donations, please contact:

Tina Fedeski, Executive & Artistic Director


Updated January 2017