Donate an Instrument

Donations of musical instruments enable OrKidstra programs to give Ottawa children the gift of music! We are extremely grateful to all who have donated instruments since the OrKidstra program was founded in 2007.

We have currently reached our capacity to accept many instruments based on the number of children in our programming.  As we continue to grow we will update our needs to ensure all of our children have an instrument to treasure.

We are currently accepting donations of the following musical instruments in ready-to-play condition:

  • Bassoons
  • Bass clarinets
  • Baritone saxophones
  • Tubas and euphoniums
  • Full-size cellos 


Please contact the office to find out if the instrument that you would like to donate is suitable for the OrKidstra program. You can reach us by email at or by phone 613-859-3559. We are happy to provide a tax receipt for all in-kind instrument donations which are accompanied by a current appraisal.

If you have instruments you wish to donate which are not in the above list, or that are not in playable condition, Hillcrest High School would be happy to receive them.  Please contact Jeannie at for more information.

We do not accept piano or keyboard donations. If you have a keyboard instrument to donate, please contact the Heart of the City Piano Program.