Become a Corporate Sponsor

OrKidstra welcomes partnerships with businesses interested in sponsoring, donating, or otherwise supporting our programs.

Corporate sponsors can support OrKidstra by:

  • Providing funds to support OrKidstra’s ongoing operations
  • Providing goods and/or services in kind – such as musical instruments, legal services, accounting services, printing, advertising, translating etc.
  • Purchasing an instrument for an OrKidstra student
  • Sponsorship of outreach programs in beacon schools by covering the costs of instruments and teachers’ fees
  • Sponsorship of a fundraising concert by covering the costs of presentation
  • Donating a high-quality instrument to OrKidstra’s Fine Instrument Bank for use by an advanced student
Sean McGee, Lawyer at Nelligan O'Brien Payne conducts the OrKidstra

Sean McGee, Lawyer at Nelligan O’Brien Payne conducts the OrKidstra

OrKidstra acknowledges corporate sponsors with logos on our website, promotional materials, posters and programmes; with mentions in our newsletters and media releases; by displaying sponsors’ banners and giving personal thanks at our events; and more.

Sean McGee, a lawyer with OrKidstra sponsor Nelligan O’Brien Payne, writes:

To support such an exciting program provides a vehicle for sponsors to not only promote their business but to send a message of good corporate citizenship in many areas: that investment in children, regardless of their background, is vital for everyone; music education is important and a fun way to learn so many invaluable skills; mentorship is a great tool for learning and giving.

If your business shares our interest in giving children from under-served communities in Ottawa opportunities to learn and make music together, and values respect, diversity, teamwork, and compassion, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Tina Fedeski, Executive & Artistic Director, for more information.

Tina Fedeski
Executive & Artistic Director

Corporate Donation from TELUS - Folk Fest 2013

Corporate Donation from TELUS – Folk Fest 2013