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In honour of its 10th anniversary, OrKidstra is very pleased to announce that has partnered with Ottawa-based, Turkish born filmmakers Cihan Taşkın, Cafer Tayyar Kala and Ramazan Yıldız of Kanata ... More

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“10 Stories of Possibility” – Salim Charabati

In honour of our 10th Anniversary year, and our 10 Leading Notes, here is the eighth of 10 very special stories about the wonderful possibilities that can happen at OrKidstra! We took a short ... More

Watch “OrKidstra: The Power of Music” online!

Under the inspiring leadership of CBC TV, film crews have spent the past year making a documentary to capture OrKidstra’s story – how the power of music truly empowers kids and builds community. ... More

NEWS: OrKidstra announces partnership

ENGLISH: OrKidstra announces partnership with the Vanier Social Pediatric Hub housed at the Vanier Community Service Centre OrKidstra’s Satellite Site (located at 270 Marier Ave.) is now ... More

Join OrKidstra!

JOIN ORKIDSTRA We are now taking students for the 2017-18 year! Annual registration for new and returning students takes place in August and September every year. If you are interested in ... More

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